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Workshops in the field of AYCH that have allowed us to conceive, develop, test and improve tools. These workshops are critical for developing a stand on the main AYCH transversal themes: creativity, learning and innovation.

Nom du workshop in la Ville - Month YEAR. Partner 1 + Partner 2 + Partner 3. Description du wks, problématisation et enjeux. Deux lignes maxi. Lien vers version EN / FR.

PÉPITE 2030 in Nantes - June 2018. PÉPITE + L'École de design. Discovery of a French network based on entrepreneurship. EN/FR

Build Back Better Hackathon online - September 2020. PCA + L'École de design. Attending an online hackathon to benchmark organisation and animation technics. EN

Bright Future X Challenge Positif online - September 2020. L'École de design + Grand Angoulême. Start a 'project approach' to business students thanks to a prospective game. FR

Stranger Job online - December 2020. L'École de design + Brest Métropole. Build a innovative compagny starting from your skills. FR

Restaurant du futur in Nantes - January 2021. L'École de design. Rethink the uses of the Café du Progrès regarding the Covid situation and further development. FR

  • Challenge Innovation, Toolkit, Corsica (March 2018) / French version only
  • La pépinière, graphic facilitation, Angouleme (Sept 2018) english / french
  • Echo fablab, PING, Nantes (September 2018) Echofablab
  • The future of learning spaces with AIA, Nantes (Juin 2019) - english
  • Management & creative tool _ 2 workshops GRUAU ID4CAR in Laval & Entrepreneurship extended, workshop with l'Université de Corse, Corte (septembre 2019) - french
  • Health and digital : free exploration (november 2019) french
  • Entrepreuneurship : from idea to a project (november 2019) french
  • Stranger jobs 2 (in Corsica) : about artificial intelligence december 2019 french
  • End of the f* World : about future of smart cities french