Transnational Creative Jams

Overview : an event to build a common culture among partners

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The INTERREG Atlantic Youth Creative Hub transnational project involves 17 partners from 4 nationalities and targets audiences of all levels of study from 16 to 30 years old. The knowledge levels of the various partners of several sectors of activity and young people are particularly heterogeneous. Thanks to interdisciplinary workspaces (hubs), the project promotes the acquisition of skills linked to creativity and entrepreneurship.

This section presents the Creative Jams, a series of transnational events that aim at promoting a common design and project culture among the different AYCH partners and participants. By gathering all the participants in one location, the events seek to sparkle innovative projects facing the societal challenges of our times.

How do I do it ? Case Studies

Creative Jam in Lugo April 2018 - EN / FR

Creative Jam in Gijón April 2019 - EN / FR

Creative Jam in Santo Tirso Online edition December 2020 - FR

Transnational Creative Jam in EDNA MAY 2023 - EN