Build Back Better Hackathon participation

Build Back Better Hackathon is an online hackathon open to anyone interested in finding solutions to the post Covid-19 world. On September 19th and 20th, PCA, EDNA and Vida Láctea worked as team with two other ambassadors.

Despite the interesting topics to work on, the idea of AYCH participation was to get inspired by online event dynamisation in order to 'translate' our annual Creative Jams into virtual. The following information are a sythesis of their process.

All tools used: Zoom + Slack + Google Sheet + Google Form + DevPost.

Before: Right after registration, participants are invited to join the Slack of the event, to have more precise information (channel #announcements) and get them used to the platform which will be the main communication channel. Encourage them to shortly introduce themselves to everyone on #introduce-yourself, to start team formation. A week before the event starts, a Q&A session via Zoom is open to anyone to explain the organisation.

→ We can see more than 350 participants, among them organizers and mentors that we can easily contact: on Slack (ORG_name or MENT_name).

Day 1

Participants are welcomed on a Zoom with a dynamic music (good vibes! a hackathon playlist?!). Then, the organizers are introducing themselves and explaining the hackathon (shared screen with slides).

It starts with an ice breaking activity on Mentimenter, an interactive words cloud: we see everyone's positive words of their hackathon's expectations.

They shared to all the participants an infopack which details the schedule, ressources, tips and tools to work remotely as team and a detailed schedule of the week-end.

Then, teams can start working. If you don't have a team, you can attend a 'match making session' on Icebreaker, where you can meet other people looking for team mates.

The AYCH team was a bit surprised that as participants we have to start working without any support expect the infopack.

Around mid-day, we can attend a 'feedback session' on a general Zoom.

We can book on a Google Spread Sheet, 30min-sessions with mentors. By refering to the Slack channel #introduce-yourself, we know the fields of expertise of the mentors.

AYCH team's Miro board screenshot & link to our submission.

Day 2

Morning activity then getting back to team work.

Mid-day feedback session.

By the end of the day, teams have to upload their project's video on DevPost platform (a hackers network).

Closing Zoom session. Thank-you speach: good vibes, people are dancing on Mickael Jackson's song. Participants invited to answer a survey (Google Form): important to have feedback.

After: Winners announcements 2 weeks after. Prizes: incubation your project with BBBHack partners'. Slack channel is still open (network!).