The Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project is about creativity and entrepreneurship. But first of all, it's about personal and life changing positive experiences for both young people and partners. We wanted to give a voice to all the partners who have implemented the AYCH project by recording their testimony in a podcast series. Starting from the European Week in October, we are going to release one episode a week on Spotify and on this wiki page.


Dan & Richard

Space* Youth Service - UNITED KINGDOM

“Some young people are still in contact with other young people that they met from across Europe from the first event [Lugo Transnational Creative Jam] […] it's just really opening horizons which has been really incredible to watch.”



Vida Láctea - SPAIN

“What we are doing now, it's having an impact on society and young people.”



L'École de design Nantes Atlantique - FRANCE

“The way to measure the impact of AYCH is the change in people mindset : more than in prototypes and ideas, we work on a process, on a philosophy, on a culture : confidence, flexibility. AYCH is more about meeting and sharing experiences and mindsets.”



Gijón City Council - SPAIN

“Young people have to exchange experiences with other European young people”



Plymouth College of Art - UNITED KINGDOM

“Creative Jams are events where young people start meeting other people and ideas start bouncing. That's exciting!”

CREDITS - Records: AYCH partners. Sound design and edition: Yacine Synapsas. Illustrated portraits: Sarah Ayadi