Design thinking tools ... only?

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The steps of the AYCH process follow the methodology of design thinking. In the project, L'Ecole de design combine the different steps and diffuse tools, methodologies and case studies in open source version (share alike 4.0).

 Double diamond design

Hack and design appropriate and appropriable tools

Each stage of the process is associated with a tool that we test and then try to transpose to each hub, leaving margins of appropriation. The difficulty lies in working closely with the various services to define tools adapted, adaptable and appropriable by the youth services. The tools are distributed on this platform and are open source (share alike 4.0) and tested on the occasion of creative jams or workshops done and animated directly in the hubs. The tools test is fully reported in section AYCHcases.

From the classic method called double diamond …


… to a reinterpretation of tools with youth services.

Reinterpretation of the tools

Tools designed and tested inside and outside hubs

Specific workshops have been held (at Nantes and elsewhere, in different contexts such as the Innovation Challenge in Corsica) to improve the definition and portability of tools. These tools are simple and easy to access, like the production of simplified “journey maps”.

We created also a Guide Outils tools guide in partnership with l'Université de Corse.

These easily downloadable and usable tools were then tested and reused on the Brest hub, but also tested in various contexts as in Corsica with the network of PEPITE (see Atelier PÉPITE 2030).