Here are the design tools that partners AND young people have created during the AYCH project.

All those tools are part of AYCH Futures, a branch of speculative design tools created to help young participants imagining alternative futures in particular fields.

Version française : FR

AYCH Futures tools

AYCH Quest : a tool to visualize routes for young people wishing to invest in the AYCH project → EN / FR

AYCH Speculative tools

Creating tools is an iterative process that needs several versions:

☆ v1 - The Start of the F… World : imagining the future of cities → FR /

☆ v2 - Bright Mirror : going through a series of steps to help them imagine, create & tell a story that will take place in 2045. The main purpose of the game is to exchange ideas among the different participants. → EN /

★ v3 - Bright Future : (online version of Bright Mirror) → FR /


Stranger Job : a creativity game about the evolution of jobs in the future → EN /

Online Stranger Job : → FR /

Design Thinking tools

If you want to have a look at more “classical” design tools, we invite you to check this page about design tools inspirations EN / FR and our pages about the different design steps : Understanding > Creation & Ideation > Iterative prototyping