Here are the design tools that partners AND young people have created during the AYCH project.

All those tools are part of AYCH Futures, a branch of speculative design tools created to help young participants imagining alternative futures in particular fields.

Version française : FR

AYCH Futures tools

AYCH Quest : a tool to visualize routes for young people wishing to invest in the AYCH project → EN / FR

AYCH Speculative tools

Creating tools is an iterative process that needs several versions:

☆ v1 - The Start of the F… World : imagining the future of cities → FR /

☆ v2 - Bright Mirror : going through a series of steps to help them imagine, create & tell a story that will take place in 2045. The main purpose of the game is to exchange ideas among the different participants. → EN /

★ v3 - Bright Future : (online version of Bright Mirror) → FR /


Stranger Job : a creativity game about the evolution of jobs in the future → EN /

Online Stranger Job : → FR /

Design Thinking tools

If you want to have a look at more “classical” design tools, we invite you to check this page about design tools inspirations EN / FR and our pages about the different design steps : Understanding > Creation & Ideation > Iterative prototyping

Design Thinking Tools and Methodologies 2023

For the International Creative jam 2023, The students of L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique design different Design Thinking Tools that can be used to create Design Thinking crash courses and workshops.

The Different tools are as follows

1) Tools for Effective Teamwork methodology_1_.pdf

2) Tools for Conducting a Creative Jam methodology_2.pdf

3) Tools for Creating Interactive Workshops methodology_3.pdf

4) Tool for - “Everybody is a designer” methodology_4.pdf

All these workshops were tested during the International Creative Jam by the students of L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique