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Brest Metropole has been chosen to organize the AYCH Youth Summit to close more than 3 years of European collaboration around creativity and entrepreneurship. This event should bring together young people, policy makers, educators and partners around a major theme. We then asked ourselves many questions to redesign the format of the event, which was initially planned as a face-to-face event.

What framework should be given to young Europeans so that they can express their vision of a Creative Europe for 2030? How to reinvent the dynamics of a physical event in an online version without impacting the scope of the exchange? How to engage young Europeans around themes that bring answers to the major issues of tomorrow?

Our positioning

We have decided to organize a week-long event addressing 3 themes around partners’ local expertises and giving the opportunity to young professionals to express their vision of the world as experts.

  • This is a live event to co-create a common vision with speakers and audience over 4 days. Partners are setting the framework for a real-time co-design.
  • 3 thematic roundtables and 1 to formalise the Agenda 2030, a vision document summarizing the 30 recommendations
  • keeping participants focused: short round tables one hour and a half
  • discussion format: led by a dynamic and engaging presenter, punctuated by interactions with the audience: polling sessions, contributive post-it session… so everyone can contribute to the discussion
  • live translation to include the maximum audience in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese (done by a professional translators team)
  • graphic facilitation of the key elements of each round table because we are convinced of the power of visual representation (we worked with an illustrator)
  • we worked on a communication campaign and a new visual identity for the event with a graphic designer
  • Event supported by a website to host resources and edited recordings (we worked with web-designers). We have a platform to keep on spreading the knowledge gathered on this event.
  • AYCH partners are committed to bring the Declaration of Brest - Agenda 2030 at the European level.

Young people, speakers, partners & experts around the table.

CHALLENGE #1 - Social Entrepreneurship

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CHALLENGE #2 - From Creative Education to Impactful Careers

CHALLENGE #3 - Workforce of Tomorrow

→ Thanks to this event, we succeeded in gathering more than 250 people over 4 days, collectively producing a forward-looking document and showing that young Europeans are already building the future of Europe.

AYCH Legacy

by Florent Orsoni, Chair of Consolidation of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs model

AYCH Legacy isn’t only a « what works story ». With an internet hub you will have access to different channels. You can access to the book, which relates and links the AYCH cornerstones and the story, the Wiki which delivers the tool box in an open source version and detailed framework, and a progression support desk, which connects people, experiences, to make your own path with AYCH.

AYCH Legacy delivers an experience, a way. But there is something beyond AYCH.

First of all, AYCH Legacy has a message in education. At L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique, we decided to include this process as part of the curriculum. We not only worked with students, but as a professional team. We gave them confidence and self-awareness. They produced tools for facilitation, discovered MIRO which is the core tool of our workshops. We changed the mindset : when I saw « poor quality » prototypes (first impression) in Vida Lactea or Space, Richard or Xose told me : this is the first time they have produced something by hand, this is the first time an International expert has said : it’s worth, go on. AYCH makes me understand that education is more an experience than a programme.

AYCH Legacy also has a message on the value of design. We had to redesign AYCH to succeed, to adapt ourselves, to vision and vocabulary. AYCH Legacy celebrates this approach that encourages dialogue, diversity, flexibility… Design thinking has been the way to transform AYCH into an education path with meaningful experience, that builds self-confidence, trust, and openness.

Most of all, Aych legacy is anchored, nourished by European values : a way to collaborate, to build something resilient trough the crises (Brexit, COVID). We were resilient, because we were mainly driven by values, utopia. Indeed, and we accelerated our process during the crises.

We are in the darkest times of human history. I have no doubt that this crisis drives us towards a new world. Aych leaves with a method, an approach, a way to bring new ideas into life. And we have this urgent challenge to design this « new world ». « When it’s dark enough, you can see stars »… I hope Aych could be one of these stars that guides you through an unknown path of cooperation, knowledge sharing, ideas spreading, something youth oriented where everything is possible… With AYCH, we embodied the vision that gave birth to another utopia, Europe, that turns such dreams into reality.