Stranger job


It is a speculative design game, part of the AYCH Futures tools. Stranger Job draws on the collective intelligence of a group to imagine, question and create unexpected jobs of the future. The preparation was done collectively with Brest Metropole & Université de Bretagne Ouest for the context (transitions & jobs) : a perfect example of cooperation between two hubs : Transitions Competences reformulated transitions

When is it useful?

It is a great tool for engaging young people (or not that young) on a collective reflection around the future of work & jobs. As it invites participants to challenge conventional ways of thinking about jobs, it puts the teams in a prospective and completely creative mindset, perfect for having serious fun!


The game should be played in groups of 6 participants. Within this group, 3 pairs will be formed.

Time & Materials

Development time: around 2 hours

Materials needed (all documents are in French at the moment):

* Ideally a big screen and a projector or a TV to broadcast the introduction video and the guidelines. * Markers and paper

* Game's rules

* Introduction video

* Sector cards

* Transition cards

* Problem cards

* Job's description book

* Templates: Job interview & CV

Step by Step

You will find below a suggestion of steps that we have tested in our workshops. Feel free to make any pertinent change.

Within your group of 6

STEP 01: Ice-breaker. Each participant chooses one image and writes down keywords inspired by it/what the image makes you think of. Each participant explains to the rest of the group their image.

STEP 02: get in pairs (there will be 3 pairs). Each pair picks a sector card and places it on the game board.

STEP 03: the group of 6 turns over the transition cards. These three transition cards will be common to the whole group of 6.

STEP 04: Each pair: make a link between the transition cards and your sector card. Exchange and discuss.

STEP 05: As a pair: based on your analysis and observations, fill in the problems card.

STEP 06: From the identified problems and solutions, think of a future job. Fill in the first part of the job's description book.

STEP 07: As a pair, you will present to the rest of the group of 6 your Persona.

STEP 08: In the group of 6, try to identify meeting points or moments and then fill in the journey of your persona

STEP 09: In pairs, pick among a pitch or the template of your choice among CV or job interview and fill it in based on your persona.

Vidéo d'ambiance