Bright Mirror II


Bright Mirror is a creativity board game about city life in the future conceived by Olivier Balez and the students of the Sustainaible cities Design Lab. This version of Bright Mirror was tested at the International Creative Jam in Gijon 2019 Gijon Creative jam 2019

The idea is for the participants to go through a series of steps to help them imagine, create & tell a story that will take place in April 2045.The main purpose of the game is to exchange ideas among the different participants. There is no right or wrong idea, every single idea counts!

When is it useful?

It is very useful to foster and challenge the participant's creativity by imagining and creating future scenarios. This game will allow you to let your imagination free and have a very unexpected perspective on the future that will help you nourish your present creative process.

Since it is a collaborative game, it is very good for creating full energy and creative dynamics within a working group.

It is useful for developing a critical perspective on new technologies and high-tech scenarios.


Ideally, it works with groups of 6 participants. If it isn't possible, it can work with 4 or 2 participants.

Time & Materials

Preparation time: none required

Development time: the game can last up to 2 hours.

Materials needed: the Bright Mirror kit with:

Step by Step

You can have a look at the different steps of the Gijon version of the Idea Wall & Bright Mirror here

STEP 01: Spread out the inspiration cards on the table so everyone can see them

STEP 02: As a group, you will have to choose 1 card per each category (People, Technology & Spaces) that represents life as you imagine it in 2045. All of the group members must agree on the 3 images Discuss: Why this image? What does it represent?

These 3 images are three open windows to the City of the Future that you imagine or fear…Let’s the game begin…

STEP 03: One group member turns over the event card

STEP 04: The group splits into 3 teams of 2 participants. Or two teams of 2 participants or simply work in pairs.

In your team of 2 participants

STEP 5: Each team of 2 picks one character/narrator card

STEP 6: With the event & your character in mind define a situation you imagine your character in. Write it down in the card: what is going on?

STEP 7: Choose a specific place where you imagine the situation taking place. Write it down in the card where?

STEP 8: With the help of the Storyline card make a draft of the story you would like to tell

STEP 9: Choose one card between the Write & Draw cards

STEP 10: Fill in the template of your choice in order to tell your story

Back in your group of 6 or 4Gras

STEP 11 As a whole group, bring your different stories together on the cover page of a newspaper of the future. Here an example of the cover page tested at the Creative Jam Gijon:


  • This is a speculative game, so feel free to imagine any kind of future you like
  • Do not hesitate to get inspiration from whatever film, news, books you have seen or read
  • The process of speculating might feel strange at the beginning, but once you are in, you will really enjoy letting your imagination free
  • Any idea is worth sharing!

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