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Atlantic Youth Creative Hub

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What is it ?

  • A project financed by INTERREG
  • 4 Atlantic coast countries
  • 17 partners
  • 14 delivery partners
  • 14+ hubs
  • 5 languages
  • 1 collaborative mission
  • 100’s of deliverables

What is it for ?

  • Response to the marginalisation of arts and creative subjects in education
  • Re-design of the Youth Service and development of a model to support creative and social enterprise and education in new settings.
  • Empower young people to present solutions to societal issues of the future

A wiki tool to...

Communicate the knowledge in the hub and for the partners in the field of design thinking & creative tools for entrepreneurship. It will present toolS and case studies dedicated to young people & young services. It's a kind of logbook capitalization of the project, presenting open source tools and uses cases, inspiring conferences. It will also help us to set up a model of Atlantic Youth Creative Hub