Suzie Razafimihery

Speaking Design

Suzie participated in different AYCH events during her training as a designer at the City design Lab at l’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique. As part of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, Suzie contributed to the creation of AYCH Quest and facilitated different creativity workshops using Design Thinking tools at the Lugo Creative Jam and Tate Exchange Creative Jam among others. These experiences at AYCH played an important role in Suzie’s professional choices. Nowadays she works as a junior designer in an innovation consultancy firm.

“The impact of my experience at AYCH has been considerable. I learned another vision of design as a language. Through AYCH I realized that for being a designer it is important to know how to practice it but also to know how to speak it. Precisely, AYCH is about empowering young people by offering them new means of expression. AYCH made me discover a part of design that I knew very little of: the pedagogy through design. When conceiving tools for working with young participants, I would always ask myself: how can we make things more easily explainable and more tangible for them? Even more in an international context where you have to think in different languages and where something words are not the best solution. Beyond the goal, for me, innovation through design is a particular way of doing and learning.”

“All these opportunities play a big role in my current job as a junior designer at an innovation consultancy firm. I assist co-creation processes and work in collaborative projects, something that I understood I could and should integrate into my work thanks to my experience facilitating creativity workshops and developing creativity aid tools with AYCH”

This whole experience gave me the desire to make design processes usable and “ speakable “ by everyone