Evaluating and enriching projects : sustainability stakes with URBACT

Sustainable cities & design

VIDEO : Design thinking and the challenges of sustainability in cities

Sustainable cities challenges (English)

Circular design (French - possible english subtitles)

Découpage suivant les séquences suivantes :

  • 1. linear economy (10.02) & circular
  • 2. Product service systems 38.26
  • 3. Spend lifetime of objects 44.22
  • 4. New collaborations 51.22
  • 5. Green IT 1:04.40
  • 6. Circular design tools & methods 1:09.34



The MATRIX Haute Qualité de vie sociale allows to cross different social functions (6 social functions for sustainability) and a territorial approach (City of Quarter of hour). We can enrich or evaluate sustainability of project. This approach is used in our workshops : less complex than URBACT index and more effective in design thinking process.

See the workshop there.