Title of the tool


It answers the questions: What is this tool? What is it good for? What will I get out of it?

When is it useful?

It indicates the business development phase(s) for which the tool is particularly useful


It answers the question: who could or should participate in the process? How many participants?

Time & Materials

Preparation time :

Development time :

Materials needed :

Step by Step

It outlines the sequence of events that should take place for the tool to be successfully implemented. We suggest the outline to be made in the form of steps.

STEP 01:

STEP 02:

STEP 03:

STEP 04:


Important things to keep in mind when using the tool

Video tutorial

Examples of outcomes

It shows different forms of outcomes for the tool.

It provides the link to other related tools in the ToolBox


It lists the different text, video, audio, visual academic and non academic sources for this particular description

Example : Lallemand, C. & Gronier, G. (2016). Méthodes de design UX. Eyrolles