Charline Havart

Helping others as a way of helping yourself

During her studies at the City design Lab, Charline was part of the conception team of AYCH Quest, a tool for the young AYCH participants to have a clear vision of the programme and how it could be put at the service of their personal project. More recently, given her direct experience with AYCH, she has made key contributions to the capitalisation of all the tools and projects developed in the programme. Actually, this website was all designed by Charline!

Charline is nowadays a space and interior designer in Tahiti and her dream is to create a Global Design studio where creativity and innovative learning tools will be used daily by the working team and her clients.

“The great thing about participating in AYCH is that by helping others you are helping yourself. For me, it was the process of creating AYCH Quest that helped me to have another perspective on how to move on with my own projects…This kind of creative processes show you the value of not staying fixed on a single idea and keep questioning yourself, it shows you that there is always room for improvement and ways to go further”

“Having the opportunity to participate in the capitalization of everything that has been done within AYCH is a great responsibility but it is also a self-confidence gain. When you see that all the work done by the participants and the partners is not going to get lost, but that it is acknowledged and made available so other young people can use it, what a feeling of satisfaction”